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Build Your Sales Leads By 4X and Double Your Revenues in 2018

Email marketing continues to be one of the most a cost-effective ways to build brand awareness and accelerate top-of-the-funnel sales leads for your business. More than 240 Million US consumers receive email promotional offers annually. Vendors’ average 122% ROI on email campaigns according to eMarketer in 2016.

Generating results from email marketing is far from being a guarantee of success. There are lots of hidden costs. Similar to an iceberg, you can’t see what hiding beneath the water:

It takes expertise, marketing systems, compelling messaging, effective call-to-actions, conversion follow-through and tracking metrics.

Most companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in building marketing infrastructure, hiring full-time email marketing staff, acquiring and managing prospect contact lists only to see marginal success.

At WTCNeed, we believe that there is a better way! It is call EMaaS. Outsource email marketing to us and see the benefits without all of the costs:

  1. Don’t have to source lists. WTCNeed has 300K list is pre-qualified & Opted-in prospects.

  2. Don’t have to manage, cleanse, merge and purge lists. WTCNeed will compare and remove duplicates from your existing contacts.

  3. Don’t have to design and manage email blasts. Done by WTCNeed.

  4. Don’t have to invest thousands in systems and licensing. Done by WTCNeed.

  5. Don’t have to risk getting a bad reputation with high bounce rates. The most important benefit of EMaaS.

  6. Don’t have to track and manage results. WTCNeed send you results after each eMailer.

  7. Don’t have the high-cost of list acquisition and management of contacts that don’t care about you. We only send you click-through qualified leads.

  8. Only follow-up and nurture click-through contacts that saves time and costs.

  9. Don’t have to add unwanted licensing fees from Marketing Systems based on uninterested prospect contact counts.

We’ll help you target prospects by location, company type/size, titles, design effective email campaigns, manage the entire process, and fill your sales pipeline with opportunities at a fraction of the cost of doing it in-house or hiring marketing firms that do not specialize in the high-tech infrastructure business.

Contact us at (720) 231-5384 and let us accelerate your revenues.

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