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Our Approach

We focus on building successful technology companies. That begins with you, our strong clients who have the vision for disrupting existing markets and competitors with their innovative technology products or services. Our proven strategy and consulting model helps you focus, plan and accelerate your business. Whether your company's goal is to accelarate growth, be acquired, drive an IPO or execute on a turn-around strategy – WTCNeed develops a successful business strategy and teams-up with you to execute on your go-to-market plans to increase your company's revenues and market value by 2 to 10X.


  • Focus: Zero in on results-based activities and what it takes to be successful. We help you segment your market, map your customer's buying process, model your business for success and build a bullet-proof go-to-market strategy.

  • Plan: It's time to put the resources in place to execute towards success. We help you create an impactful brand, detailed marketing campaigns that grow your sales pipeline, optimize channel distribution and augment your organic growth with strategic partnerships with ecosystem leaders.

  • Accelerate: It's implementation time. We bring the experience, energy and resources to execute by augmenting your team. Our consultants become part of your functional teams accountable for the results. We set up and manage the system infrastructure to track progress. We rollout the go-to-market initiatives and execute marketing and sales campaigns for real growth.

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