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Executive Career, Life & Health Coaching

Highly successful people face challenges within their work place and personal life.  Stress increases as a result of hectic schedules, travel and relentless meetings, while trying to balance your career, family and personal well-being.

Sometimes, that rat-race leads to health concerns, aggravation, anxiety and unhappiness.

Now you can reboot your career, life, health and happiness with our Executive Coaching Program.

In this 90-Day program Monica Edwards will conduct six one-on-one coaching sessions via Skype.  You will also recieve one executive career coaching session from Karl Chen.  We provide deliverables that you can track to make impactful changes towards a more fulfilling career, life and health balance.

The promotional cost of the 90-Day program is $1,675 (20% off the $2.095 List Price) if you sign up before the end of the month. This promotion offer may change anytime.

Many executives have taken this program and have seen their career, health, personal lives and happiness begin to soar again!

Don't wait and don't procrastinate any longer. Sign-up now and see the change immediately!

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Our unique consulting services streamline and transform your business to deliver a multiplier effect on business results.

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