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Cloud & the Internet is Everything - Karl Chen

The Gartner Group just published their 2014 Top Technology Trends.

It is no surprise that mobile device access to information, mobile apps and the Internet are the top three trends. We have all evolved in our daily workplace to have our laptop connected to two or three hi-res flat screen monitors multi-tasking and our cell phone plugged into a cradle with push text notifications from our favorite mobile app. When the calendar reminder beeps to let us know that it’s time to attend a meeting, we grab our phone and iPad or Nexus tablet and off we go. When I break for lunch and walk down Larimer St. to the Market, I have to remind myself not to walk into someone while checking messages on my phone. Does this sound familiar?

At WTCNeed, we have seen a cross-over where more than 50% of marketing campaign opens and click-throughs come from mobile phones and tablets. So to all of you marketers, you MUST incorporate mobile apps and push notifications as part of each and every eMarketing campaign.

Welcome to today’s BYOD mobile internet reality!

Download our WTCNeed app from the Apple App Store and Google Play and check it out!

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