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Water Coolers and Cookies

Most of you prefer milk with cookies, so you what does water coolers have to do with cookies?

Well, people hang out by the water cooler daily to chat about current events, what they did over the weekend, seeing a spectacular musical such as Hamilton or watching a basketball playoff buzzer beater shot for the win.

Customers also get their information by hanging out by the water cooler. These water coolers can be industry press articles, social media posts, webinars, trade shows, current event articles, email offers, trending media posts and other venues etc.

Your company wants to be at the water cooler when prospective customers are drinking and talking about your industry, products and services.

Tracking which water cooler your prospective customers are drinking from is enabled by cookies. Cookies track which venue your prospects are paying attention or listening to.

At WTCNeed, we develop water cooler and cookie campaigns so your prospective buyers can be alerted with information about product and services that's pertinent to them when they are talking about it or are interested in consuming it. These campaigns are an important part of your digital marketing strategy. It’s all about fitting into your customers' buying process, not hard-selling your customers.

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