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Cloud Data Protection is ready For Your Business

by Karl Chen

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Data Protection has been a staple of IT organizations for decades. Businesses must backup their data and design IMPLEMENTABLE data recovery plans in case of downtime or god forbid; a real disaster. With the impact of global warming and the effects of year-round rains, flooding, hurricanes, earthquakes, brown-outs, tornadoes and other natural causes, businesses will unfortunately experience downtime. Recently, Napa Valley – one of my favorite places to visit – experienced an earthquake that resulted in more than $50 million in damaged and over $100 million is lost revenues.

For years, IT organizations complained that THE CLOUD wasn’t ready to handle backup and recovery of data. “It’s not secure enough” or “It’s too slow”. If you haven’t recently explored cloud data protection solutions, it’s time that you did. Today’s Cloud Data Centers have modern enterprise-class facilities, networks, security, virtualization and storage technologies that are affordable for IT departments to incorporate into their IT plans. Protecting your data in the cloud has distinct advantage over traditional onsite backup & recovery; a monthly-managed services model that eliminates costly CAPEX purchases of storage hardware and software. Your critical data can be stored and recovered within the Cloud directly or augments an onsite backup appliance. I’d recommend working with Cloud providers that have dedicated knowledgeable technical resources who can work with you to design and implement the right cloud data protection solution for your business. Regional cloud providers who have partnerships with your trusted resellers are the best place to start, compared with large national GB/per $ mass-cloud centers who expect YOU to be the cloud data protection expert. Don’t wait until disaster hits or when your data is down and you can’t recover it. Consider adding cloud data protection for as little as a few hundred dollars a month, which will save you time and money in the long run.

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